About Us

Princess Naturals & Body Organics is a range of all – natural personal care & beauty products. We also offer body treatments and spa services ranging from a professional facial treatment,  full body wax,  Half leg wax,  bikini wax,  Hollywood wax,  Brazilian wax etc,  Manicure and Pedicure,  Body polish/Steam bath and exfoliation,  Eye lash extention and other Beauty therapies. 

Our beauty services are divided into three categories
Organic skin care products sales
Natural Hair care/Styling
Body treatments and therapies
Skincare : To us,   the best cosmetics a lady can give to herself is a great looking skin. We use 100% natural ingredients from herbal extracts, ayurvedic, spices & oils to heal, enhance & maintain your skin. We keep  your skin nourished with nature’s herbs &  extracts. With regular usage of our hand made products,  we keep you closer to nature
Haircare: Real beauty is indicated by long, healthy hair using a range of oils, shampoos, conditioners etc.  We have in Stock 100% natural haircare products for adult & kids and we also style natural hair beautifully
Body treatments: Getting that ‘me’ time to switch off, relax,  de-stress,  recharge,  detox and beautify yourself is very key for a healthy life
If you have any questions or for more enquiries send an email toinfo@princessnaturals.com.ng
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